Explainer Video for Mobile App

Conceptul face casa

Web Video for cTHRU

I know better

The video shows the difficulties that occur when you are building a new house for your family.

Onyx Beacon - Asset tracking

Sefu Banii !

Onyx Beacon Analytics

Onyx Beacon Retail Analytics allows you the possibility to engage in real
time with shoppers and provides you with powerful insights in what visitors and customers are doing at your locations.

Onyx Beacon

Beacons (Apple calls them iBeacons™) are small transmitters that are permanently sending a signal in a distance from a few inches/centimeters (close), to a few foot/meters (near) and up to 70 meters to all devices that are listening for such a signal. The devices that listen are all iPhone newer than the iPhone 4s and devices that support Android 4.3 or newer such as a Samsung Galaxy S4. If your device is receiving a signal and it knows what to do with it, it will notify on the device screen about it with a message such as, here is something that might interest you such as a coupon or a special offer.

Explainer for Merkurato

Explainer Video

We made this video for the Match the Brand application.

Interferences 2012

Suitjunkie - Chest

Suitjunkie - Leg length


Sweemo marketplace

Sweemo fun



Helping to Explain

Choose us

This video is promoting Astaro and Cososys software developing companies on job shops.

Planet RO2012

This short animation is about the consequences of being a part of the European union for a country like Romania.

As in every eastern european country, in Romania the standard of living is low, and the people can be easily influenced. Once the country has been accepted into the Union, shopping malls come to invade the fresh grounds, turning the population into insane consumers.
The transformation is really quick- in a short time you can't tell the new EU citizens apart from the others.
At the first sight here's a perfect new consumer society.
But please take a look beneath the surface.

Easy Lock

Endpoint Protector Basic

CRM Software

Client: miniCRM

Interferences festival

Client: Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

Virtual Appliance

Client: Cososys
Illustration: pinkphong

Hardware Appliance

Client: Cososys
Illustration: pinkphong

Data Protection for Mac

From this animation you can find out how Peter can be saved from jail by using data protection.
Client: Cososys
Illustration: pinkphong

Endpoint Protector

This explanation animation shows you how to protect with the Endpoint Protector software your companies secret data against unvanted portable devices. Papercut technik.
Client: Cososys
Illustration: pinkphong

License to Hope

A computer graphics animation made for a charity campaign. A software company and the FRCCF foundation together would offer 50 laptops and the training for their proper use for disabled children. The animation shows visually the way the campaign works.
Client: Cososys, FRCCF
Illustration: pinkphong
Sound: elevenproductions
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To work with the Vakuk team is great, they get immediately what is required for the animation from a creative and professional point of view and the results impress me every time.
Roman Foeckl
Cososys - CEO
I specially enjoy working with the Vakuk team, because on one hand they perfectly understand the needs of a project and on the other hand they work in a creative, professional way, so that the outcome is always a unique piece of art.
Noémi Vajna
Cultural manager
I am very happy with the services they offer and have no hesitation recommending them.
Alexandra Willis
Avantgardemarketing - Creative Director